Power Air Pump, Hailea, 70L/M, Compressor

$197.00 inc. GST



Hailea Oxygen Pump/ Air compressor, 70L/M Electromagnetic For Aquarium Fish
Great for driving a number of tanks or hydroponic set-ups.

* Air Flow Rate: 70L/Min
* Max Air Pressure: 0.2bar
* Noise level:<60dBA
* Weight: 1.65kg
* Dimensions(mm):L 182 x W 95 x H 116
* Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
* Power consumption: 45W
* Connections: Horizontal brass connector 8 mm OD
* Accessories Included: Manifold kit with 6 outlets
* Pump Model:ACO-318

Please note this is a power pump, vibrations can get quite noisy. Not recommended for in-house use.