Led Downlights GU10 Base, 4 Watt, 240V, LED Bulbs. (Pack of two)

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Included in this offer are two energy saving LED downlights, 4 Watt
GU10 Base Light Bulbs. 
A 4 Watt LED bulb will produce the equivalent of a standard 45-50W
halogen bulb while consuming a fraction of the power, it will help you
considerably cut your lighting bills while reducing your carbon footprint
and help the environment.  

Led lights have a life expectancy of more then 40,000 hours (thats roughly
15-20 years of service under normal operation) and very low energy usage,
they are considerably more efficient than incandescent, CFL and halogen bulbs.

Base type: GU10 Socket
Operational voltage: 110V to 240V.
Emitted colour: Warm white.
Intensity: Bright 4W (4 x 1w leds), 360Lm-400Lm, 30o 

Pack include two LED light bulbs.


* Energy saving LED lights, Low energy consumption, high brightness, long life expectancy.
   LED lights are more energy efficient than Incandescent and most Halogen Lamps .
* Emitting Color: Warm White—luminosity like natural lighting and color like Incandescent lamp
* Low heat, no UV or IR light radiation, safe and stable.

* Material: Aluminum, zinc metal alloy
* LED Color: Warm  White
* Base type: GU10
* Operational voltage: 110V to 240V
* Output power: 4.0W (4 x 1W leds)
* Life expectancy: approx 40,000 hours
* Size: High 62mm   Diameter 49mm

For illumination and decoration at home and public areas . Normally used in Entertainment
Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Boutique atmosphere lighting, Back lighting, concealed lighting.
Widely used in hotels, dining-rooms, meeting rooms, drawing rooms, showrooms and
exhibitions etc.

Package Content: 2 x 4W GU10 LED light Bulb (two LED light bulbs)









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