Green Leds 3mm (Light Emitting Diodes). Pack of 50 Leds.

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Pack of 50 High efficiency 3mm round  Green leds.

A must have in any electronics enthusiast tool box (or repairer) for those big LED projects.


Technical Information P/N: LP-3340
Manufacturer OSRAM
Mounting Type Through Hole, Vertical
Package Name Radial, 3.1mm Dia.
LED Color Green
Wavelength 560 nm [Typ]
Luminous Intensity 20.00 mcd [Typ]
Forward Voltage (Vf) 2 V [Typ]
Viewing Angle 50° [Typ]
Lens Type Clear, Green
Operating Temperature -55 °C [Min]
Operating Temperature 100 °C [Max]
Diameter 3.1000 mm [Typ]
Height 4.200 mm [Typ]
Peak Current 30.0 mA [Typ]
Typical Intensity Group 5 ~ 20mcd


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