Remington SPR 360 Pivot & Flex Electric Shaver Head replacement Set R6150 R7130

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Remington SPR 360 Pivot and Flex Electric Shaver Head and Cutter Set

The Remington SPR-360 Rotary Replacement head is an all-in-1 replacement head that fits most Remington Pivot and Flex shavers. It comes in one piece with the cutters already assembled making installation very quick and easy. Once replaced, you will experience a much closer, faster shave with less irritation. Please note, these are not compatible with the Remington shavers Diamond series.



Teflon Coated

Titanium cutters and dual track blades ensure an improved finish

Easy Installation
The SPR-360 is a complete replacement cartridge including the combs and cutters that consists of one piece that easily snaps onto the top of your shaver

Improves Your Shave
Replacing your shavers combs and cutters you get a much cleaner and closer shave which will also reduce razor bump and skin irritation


Brand Remington
Model SPR-360
Compatible with
the following Remington
shaver models
Pivot & Flex models only. R-3130, R-3130NB, R-3150,
R-3139, R-4100, R-4110, R-4130, R-4130NBG, R-4135,
R-4135XLP, R-4150, R-4155, R5, R-5130, R-5130NB,
R-5130XP, R-5150, R-6130, R-6130XP, R-6150, R-7130,
R-7130NB, R-7130CDNNB, R-7150, R-8150, R-8150CS. R3

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