5mm High Brightness 6000mcd BLUE leds (Pack of 25 leds)

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Pack containing 25 High efficiency high brightness (6,000 mcd)
5mm round BLUE leds.

These high intensity leds are more affordable then ever, great for every day applications
where everlasting lighting is required. Not only they are bright, they are also energy efficient,
requiring far less to run then an equivalent incandescent filament light globe would use


Spec Sheet:

Product #: LE-DS152
Emitted Color Blue
Size 5mm
Lens color Water Clear
Forward voltage (V) 3.2-3.4
Viewing Angle 5-25°
Luminous intensity (mcd) 5000-6000
Maximum current (mA) 20mA continues 50mA peak for 10% pulse width


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