40W Electric UV Mosquito Fly Zapper Trap Lamp Indoor/outdoor

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Material: ABS plastics and stainless steel
Colour: Black
Voltage: AC240V
Effective lamp power: 40W
Zapper Grid Voltage: 1600V

Suitable for use in: at home, in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, offices, schools, etc.

40W Size: 64.5×25.2x6CM

Safe and highly efficient UV led technology, quiet and energy saving.

1. Attracts flies and mosquitoes by emitting 360 degrees UV light, combined with electric shock. Contains no chemical additives, odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and better for your health.

2. Uses high efficiency LED lamps to emit UV light. Low power consumption, environmentally safe, long service life.

3. High-voltage grid design for rapid zapping/killing. Zap device enclosed in a protective net mash for safety.

5. Easy to clean.

Package Content:

1x Mosquito Pest  Catcher
1x Hanging Chain