How to Convert VHS Video to DVD

Converting VHS or home videos to DVD is a great way to preserve, share online 

and enhance those old VHS and camcorder tapes that may be aging not too gracefully, and you can definitely “do it yourself”. A tape to DVD conversion can be easy and affordable.

If you want to transfer VHS Videos to DVD, several options exist, if done right, the DVD’s can look even better than the original VHS tapes (for simplicity sake we will use in this article “VHS video”, but this simple conversion process can also be applied to VHS-C, SVHS, Hi8, regular, even Beta).

Here is a guide to a quick, inexpensive, one way of doing it:

(1)  Click here to get this great USB Video capturing device. It’s a Universal Analogue to Digital Video converter.

(2)  Plug the video capturing device into one of the computer USB ports and installthe video editing software and drivers it comes with.

(3)  Connect your VCR or Camcorder’s video/sound OUTPUT lines into the USB video capturing device video and sound INPUT lines.

(4)  Run the accompanying video editing software on your PC, set your video format and save folder preferences. Then press RECORD on your PC,  and press PLAY on your VCR or Camcorder. Seat back, relax and let the digital video conversion begin.


The EasyCAP (USB video capturing device & analogue to digital converter) can be purchased online. Click here for more information.


The USB Video capturing device – EasyCAP