• Assortment Electronic Components, Mixed Bag - 470 Components
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Electronic Components Assortment bag. Amazing value bag, full with popular value components. More than 470 components. Leds, Transistors, Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors, ICs, Regulators, Switches & more. Plus a FREE BONUS, 400 contacts inter-lockable prototype breadboard. We ship World Wide!

Buy one bag and get the second bag at a 25% discount price. (To enjoy this special offer please select the option available above the "Buy" button).

Whats in the bag:

1 X 400 Contacts Inter-lockable Prototype Breadboard (FREE BONUS)
2 x 9V Battery Connectors
3 x PCB 3 position switches
3 x PCB on/off push switches
20 x 3mm Green Leds
20 x 3mm Red Leds
20 x 3mm Yellow Leds 
20 x 3mm White Leds
20 x 5mm Red Leds
20 x 5mm White Leds
20 x 5mm Blue Leds
2 x UV 5mm Leds
10 x 1n4001 Diodes
10 x 1n4002 Diodes
10 x 1n004 Diodes
10 x 1n4007 Diodes
15 x 1n4148 Diodes
3 x 1n60 Germanium Diodes
4 x NE555 ICs
4 x NE555DR SMD ICs
4 x LM741 ICs
4 x LM386 ICs
4 x LM1458 ICs
3 x LM324 ICs
3 x LM319 ICs
25 x 100R Resistors 1/4w
25 x 1K Resistors 1/4w
25 x 15K Resistors 1/4w
5 x 1uF Electrolytic Caps
5 x 10uF Electrolytic Caps
5 x 100uF Electrolytic Caps
3 x 1000uF Electrolytic Caps
10 x 0.1uF Ceramic Caps
10 x 0.01uF Ceramic Caps
10 x 0.001uF Ceramic Caps
10 x 0.0022uF Ceramic Caps
15 x bc337 Transistors
15 x bc547 Transistors
15 x bc549 Transistors
15 x 2N3906 Transistors
15 x BC3905 transistors
15 x BFR39 Transistors
2 x BD139 Darlington Power Transistors
 5 x LM337 Voltage Regulators
 15 x 79L05 100mA Voltage Regulators


A total of more then 470 components!

* Please Note: If we are temporarily out of stock on a particular component, we will substitute a similar product of equal or greater value to meet your requested delivery dates.

Assortment Electronic Components, Mixed Bag - 470 Components

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