Bluetooth File Transfer - How To

Bluetooth PC/Laptop Mini Dongle FAQ

Bluetooth file transfers : How can i get file transfer via bluetooth to work? I can pair the devices but can not connect and send a file. I keep getting the message "transfer forbidden by the target device". I tried changing various setting on the phone and on the target PC but to no avail....

The trick is to tell the target PC to expect the file before you send it. To do this you have to right click on the Bluetooth icon (looks like thatbluetooth-usb-adapter-dongle-for-sale) which should be in the notification area of your task bar next to the clock, and then choose "Receive a File".

If you do not see a Bluetooth icon in the notification area then open your control panel, search for "bluetooth" then select "Change Bluetooth settings". In the window that pops up there is an option to "Display the Bluetooth icon in the notification area".

After you click "Receive a File" a window will open titled "Waiting for a connection". Now you can send files from your phone and this window will display a progress bar as it receives the files.

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